Resources & Evidence - A Nurses Tool

It is our aim, through this toolkit, and the accompanying website, video and social media campaign, to raise awareness: firstly amongst the nursing profession of what the SDGs are and why they matter; and, secondly, amongst the population, governments and other decision-makers, of the contributions nurses are already making to achieve the SDGs. This kit provides an overview of the SDGs and their links to the nursing profession. More specifically, it provides a host of case studies showing the amazing work that nurses around the world are doing to improve access to health care, to educate populations, to address poverty, nutrition, clean energy, inequality, sustainability, innovation, justice and every other goal in the SDGs. Nurses, as the primary providers of healthcare to all communities in all settings, are key to the achievement of the SDGs. In fact, if investment in the nursing profession is not made by governments and world leaders, we cannot succeed.

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Part One: Introduction
Part Two: The Sustainable Development Goals
Part Three: How can you be a Voice to Lead?