Our Aim

There is a world of apathy out there. Every single day there are many things that aren’t right. While you have to pick your battle, it is very important that when you encounter things that aren’t right, you weigh in on them. Leadership is learning how to do that effectively. You won’t be a reasonable leader if you don’t have the instinct to say: ‘This is something I have to put right.
Marla Salmon, Former Chief Nursing Officer, US Department of Health and Human Services

  • For International Nurses Day 2017, ICN has focused its theme on: ‘Nurses: A Voice to Lead, Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).’
  • This resource is designed by nurses for nurses to celebrate, encourage and inspire action to create a healthier world.
  • The SDGs are relevant to all of us, in our professional and personal lives. Each and everyone of us can make an impact. In this resource, we share your stories; and share your voice to lead.