Become a Voice to Lead

How can you be a voice to lead?

At all levels, and in all places, nurses have a pivotal role to play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and thereby creating and sustaining a healthier world.

There are three ways you can be a Voice to Lead:

As an individual

Each and every nurse has a vital voice to lead and make a difference. We are asking you to use that voice as a means to influence and persuade. Your sphere of influence is extensive and reaches individuals, families, communities, managers, clinicians and governments.

ICN supports strong nursing leaders to be at the policy table. As Dr Judith Shamian has stated, “Never has there been a time when the voices of nurses are more urgently needed at high levels of policy formation and decision-making than they are now.”

As a profession

  • National Nursing Associations (NNAs) have significant influence. They bring the nursing profession together and achieve solidarity in our goals.
  • NNAs have the ability to harness the wisdom and passion of the profession to facilitate change at both a country and a global scale.

As part of the multidisciplinary team

Given the importance of the social determinants of health, it is clear that health professionals must work closely together and with others outside of the health services to make long lasting change.

Most importantly nurses must work with the individuals who require health services, empower them, enable their participation and advocate for the central role of the family and community in the process of providing care.

As part of this broad coalition, change can and will occur.

Actions by Governments

While nurses have a responsibility to work towards the SDGs, and especially the health-related targets, Governments have a reciprocal responsibility to provide the means that will enable nurses to contribute usefully to the targets.


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